The Phenomenon Of Success


Anna Andrena Sylvester




Our desires create an empty space within our hearts.    In truth, we feel the ache in comrade hearts around us. By helping others we do not rob ourselves; rather, we lend speed to desires’ fulfillment —  (Anna Andrena Sylvester, 2018).



7 Rules Of Success


  1. It is in giving that we receive (Francis of Assisi).
  2. When we focus on how best to give instead of get, amazing things happen.
  3. Our value is a direct result of the value we create for others.
  4. If we seek attention, we must first figure out how to drive attention to others.
  5. If we seek money, we must first figure out how to generate it for others.
  6. If we seek success, we must first figure out how to help others succeed.
  7. The better we give, the more we will get in return.




2 Caveats

  1. Make time to figure out what you truly desire.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   (If you don’t figure this out you won’t understand what kind of help you need).
  2. Make time to figure out how to create/give that to others.


The above has been inspired by and adapted from The Quickest Way To Get More Of What You Want by Josh Spector, 2017.